New Look! Online Pass Store

This Thursday, Capital Metro will be streamlining its online pass store where riders order paper and mobile passes with a new webpage at

The new webpage will have an updated, more modern look. You will still be able to choose a pass based on service type (Local, Premium, Commuter, Access). However, now you will be able to select between paper and app passes.

The current website operates separately from our online App Pass Marketplace. Now, both stores will be housed on the same website.


Premium31DayPassPaper passes: These are the traditional paper passes with stripe on the back that you swipe through the farebox. As always, if you would like to order a physical pass online, choose your service level, add to cart and expect in the mail in about five business days.

app_passApp passes: This feature has been lesser known but is already available for CapMetro App users. It’s useful for those of you looking to buy passes from home or work, using your tablet, laptop or desktop–instead of buying on your phone. Once you buy a mobile pass, it’s automatically linked to your app account and ready for you to use on-the-go.


Want to compare the differences? Check it out:


Old Marketplace




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