Last Mile Conundrum

One of the biggest roadblocks people face when attempting to access transit is what we transportation nerds call “the last mile” – that is, the distance between the transit stop and a person’s origin or destination. If it’s too far to walk, how do you get there? To help out potential transit riders, we’ve compiled some suggestions on how to easily get to and from a Capital Metro stop or station.1

Park & Rides: Possibly the most obvious solution, you can drive your own car from home and park at one of Capital Metro’s 12 regional Park & Rides, where parking is free. See a map of locations here. 2

Bike: The bicycle is a favorite mode of transportation for that last mile, and Cap Metro makes it easy to bring your bike along. We have invested in more bike racks at many of our bus stops, and offer seven, secure MetroBike Shelters at several MetroRail stations and two major transit hubs.

3TNCs: Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) – more commonly known as Uber and Lyft – are a great option to cover that last mile. Use the companies’ apps to quickly request a ride from your office, home or other location to a transit stop, and then let Capital Metro take you the rest of the way. 5

Car2Go: Car2Go is a car-sharing company that made its U.S. debut right here in Austin. Become a member, and you can hop into any available Car2Go throughout the city. Drive yourself and park (make sure it’s a legal parking spot!) close to a stop, and voila! You are ready to ride. Find out how you can sign up for Car2Go here. 6

Hoverboards: This unconventional “vehicle” was 2015’s top Christmas gift. If you were a lucky recipient of one, pull it out and hop on. Once you arrive at your stop, this extremely portable device is easy to carry onto the bus. 7

Rollerblades: If you prefer to go retro, pull out your rollerblades from the 1990s and get some great exercise while cruising to your stop. Just remember to bring a pair of shoes to change into once you reach your destination!

8B-cycle: Don’t fret if you don’t have your own bike; there are plenty of B-cycle stations around town. No B-cycle station near you yet? The bike-sharing company plans to expand and add new stations in the area throughout the year. You can find a map of all current locations here. 9

Stroll: Call us old school, but if you have the luxury of time during the beautiful spring weather, walking to the nearest stop is a great option, especially if you’re less than a quarter mile away. In addition, the City of Austin has invested in trails and walk paths to make your trip even more enjoyable. 910

6th Street Cowboy: Only in Austin. If you’ve spent time in downtown Austin, you’ve likely seen Sam Olivia, the Sixth Street Cowboy, riding along. What better way to go that last mile than by horseback?

Razor Scooter: It’s all the rage among the kids, why not commuters, too? It’s a fun and fast investment, plus it’s pretty portable for the bus or train. And, you can impress your coworkers by zooming up and down the halls of your workplace once you arrive! 911

One thought on “Last Mile Conundrum

  1. Timothy

    I’d add what I like to call Car+. Drive your car to a public neighborhood street and park it then walk a couple feet to a bus stop. This solves the last mile issue while keeping congestion off of our main roads.

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