MetroWorks Serves Transportation Perks with a Dash of Savings

JosJo’s Coffee Shop, an Austin staple, joined MetroWorks last month. The business employs 32 people at their downtown location. “Operating in a busy downtown area comes with its challenges, parking being one of them,” notes General Manager Kara Casteel. “Because of this, we provide our employees with bus passes through the MetroWorks program to encourage the use of public transit.”

With MetroWorks, Jo’s employees have timely transportation to and from work, saving them the hassle of having to find and pay for parking, and freeing up parking for paying customers.

Find out how MetroWorks can help your employees, customers, and business’ bottom line.



 Jo’s Coffee Shop: Five Reasons We Love MetroWorks

  1. PERKS: With MetroWorks, our employees enjoy a significant added benefit – discounted transportation to and from work.Coffee
  2. SAVINGS: We take the money saved through MetroWorks’ bulk purchasing program and reinvest it back into programs that benefit the team.
  3. CUSTOMIZATION: MetroWorks is tailored for our business. We can either pick up our passes or have them mailed to us, providing much needed flexibility during busy work weeks.
  4. COMMUNITY: Our vision is focused on positively influencing the communities where they are located. The partnership with Capital Metro, a community leader, highlights a shared vision: commitment to community.
  5. ENVIRONMENT: For us, being able to positively impact the environment through public transportation is incredibly important. MetroWorks makes this more convenient and affordable.

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