How would you change transit?


Think you have ideas to help Capital Metro rethink Central Texas transit? Now’s your chance to share ideas and feedback. Three easy ways to get in on the action:

  1. Complete the online survey (En Español)
  2. Email or call 512-369-6000
  3. Attend an open house Feb. 16-20

Open Houses

For more information, visit

4 thoughts on “How would you change transit?

  1. Mike

    Run more trains from LEANDER, the population is growing by the day & I personally would use early afternoon trains every week to downtown, but as I have to drive to lake line then drive to Leander from LL I don’t bother and just drive there & back & I know many more who do this, Aldo add a Saturday late train service to & from DT

  2. austinrailnow

    Top priority: Proceed with installing electric light rail transit in the Guadalupe-Lamar corridor, as a starter line of an ultimately extensive citywide and regional urban rail system. On the basis of experience in many other U.S. cities, this can be the linchpin to galvanize public transport development in Austin (and region), economically and politically, and address fundamental mobility problems, including congestion, while reducing the cost per passenger-mile of transportation and thus making total transit expansion more affordable. Affordable public transport is also an essential adjunct to affordable housing.

  3. Dean

    Please, please, PLEASE – eliminate, shorten, speed up, lower, and/or correct the announcements (especially the Spanish ones) on the Rapid routes!!!!! Beside the fact that they’re completely useless and deafeningly loud and unnecessarily repetitive and drive people ABSOLUTELY BONKERS, you have chosen the most ridiculous, obnoxious, exaggerated to the point of parody, circus ringmaster voice to make them heard – not to mention the Spanish is entirely ungrammatic and unidiomatic!!!!! Didn’t anyone actually listen to this shit even once before deciding to blast it in our ears for hell and eternity??? REALLY????? It’s almost as if you were trying to inflict emotional distress and cause pain and suffering in your passengers. It’s an embarrassment – really – to Austin.

  4. mdahmus

    No more suburban Red Line service, which primarily serves people outside the service area at the cost of $20-$30 subsidy per ride.

    Instead: Urban rail serving your actual taxpayers, where they actually live and actually work – i.e. Guadalupe/Lamar.

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