Pay the Fare of Face the Fine

Capital Metro regularly checks passes to ensure fair payment for its bus and rail services. Your tax dollars help provide transportation for Austin’s region, so when it comes down to riding, everyone should respect the law and pay their fare. When a person rides without a valid fare, it’s considered a “failure to pay public transportation” under Texas Transportation code section 451.0611 or a “Theft of Services,” a Class C Misdemeanor.

We’ve always had a fare evasion policy; we’ve just made some changes recently. The new policy, which went into effect Jan. 10, is more flexible and costs less, and unless the citation is not paid, helps keep a Class C Misdemeanor off your record. Many of our peer agencies have similar fare policies, including the DART system in Dallas.

How is the new policy different? Check out the infographic to see a comparison between our old system and new policy.


Under the old policy, an Austin Police Department officer would issue the citation as a “failure to pay public transportation,” and the cited rider would go to the City of Austin Municipal Court and face a fine up to $500. The violation would also go on the person’s record.

Under the new policy, a Capital Metro fare inspector issues the citation. The new administrative fine is $75 dollars, payable to Capital Metro within 30 days. The citation can be paid online, by mail or at the Transit Store.* The cited rider is not charged with a misdemeanor now and does not have to appear in court if the administrative fine is paid within the 30 days. Beyond 30 days, however, the person must appear in Municipal Court and a larger fine may be imposed. If the citation is disputed or appealed, the cited rider would have to appear in municipal court on the date listed on the citation.

Our goal is to make sure everyone is using the system fairly, so be sure and have your fare handy in case a fare inspector asks for it.

You either pay the fare or face the fine!

* Visit for more information about the acceptable forms of payment.

2 thoughts on “Pay the Fare of Face the Fine

  1. MT

    Please fix your app then. There has been many times where the app will freeze or I automatically be signed out. From what hear, the fare inspector does not like to wait..

  2. MaryAlice Cancino

    So it’s the first time I ever rode the train and I thought you pay when you get on and I got a citation when I had the money in hand, so they want me to pay $75 for not knowing how to ride the train? How is this even legal? I can’t afford $75. If i had that kind of money I wouldnt have been taking the train and I would have a vehicle! So they never explain to me how to buy a ticket, but will explain how to pay the ticket.. ridiculous.. I thought it was like the bus and pay aboard.. really $75. For a 7 minute ride.. I can’t believe they would Rob you of this.. taking my money for a first time ride that didn’t know how to ride, they could of at least explained it to me, but I won’t be taking their train ever again. I was excited for the first time ride and this is my outcome. Never again are they robbing me!!!!

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