Leave Your Car at Home and Become a Two-Timer

Two Timer LogoTraffic congestion in Central Texas is bad and getting worse. Drivers stuck in traffic on I-35 or MoPac know this only too well. In fact, Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s recently released Urban Mobility Scorecard shows that in 2014 a peak-hour trip in the Austin area took 33 percent longer than that same trip would take in less congested traffic.

Furthermore, the Austin Mobility Report, published by the Austin Chamber of Commerce in 2013, shows that traffic will worsen significantly in the coming years if people don’t shift from riding in single occupancy vehicles. The study noted that 74,000 people driving alone each day during rush hour would need to move into alternate modes of transportation in the coming years just to keep traffic flowing as it is today!

HectorThat’s why Capital Metro has launched a new initiative we hope you’ll try: leave your car at home and take transit twice a week, or in other words, become a regular “Two-Timer.” If you’re not sure how to take public transportation in Austin, no worries. We’re happy to show you just how fun and easy it can be. Three videos show how easy it is to use the CapMetro App to plan and pay for your trip, and monitor in real-time when the next bus will depart—all designed to provide new levels of flexibility and convenience.

Justin Lavenue
In the last two years, Capital Metro launched two new transit services to entice people to leave their cars behind. One of these is MetroRapid, a limited-stop premium service featuring:

  • Modern new buses and stations, with real-time arrival information.
  • 15-minute frequency during peak periods.
  • Free onboard Wi-Fi.
  • Service that runs up to 20 percent faster than local service.
  • 77 stations along two of Austin’s most popular corridors, with shared stops in the UT/Downtown area along Guadalupe and Lavaca to provide connections to multiple other routes.
  • Free rides for UT students and staff with valid ID.


The other service we recently debuted is the high-frequency network along five of our high-demand routes (7, 20, 300, 325 & 331), running every 15 minutes on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to give people more options.

And for those who want to use transit for more than their 9 to 5 commute, Capital Metro has compiled several ”Urban Adventures” that invite people to explore hot spots around the city—via transit—like SoCo, Auditorium Shores, Lo Burn, the Warehouse District and the Domain.

Got an urban adventure of your own? Tell us about it! Share your adventure on social media with #urbanadventures.

One thought on “Leave Your Car at Home and Become a Two-Timer

  1. The MAIN PROBLEM continues to be 3 or more blocks between the bus stop and your final destination. You need something that drives NEIGHBORHOOD STREETS, and something to drop off at DESTINATION that runs every 15 minutes. People that have cars are NOT going to walk to nearest bus stop. And feel if they start their car, they might as well drive to work instead of a transit center.

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