Capital Metro Begins Work on Rethinking its System

This is the first in a series of Capital Metro blog posts on its Service Plan.

Think Capital Metro plans your bus routes in a pitch-black, dark room? The reality is, our system planning is methodical and deliberate, and we meaningfully incorporate your feedback year-round. However, our system might serve our community better if reworked, and we need your help along the way, so let’s rethink this whole thing together.

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You know as well as we do that Central Texas is bursting at the seams and will continue to experience explosive growth—it’s the new norm. What’s less in vogue is auto-dependency and the daily traffic we sit in, plus a system-wide decline in ridership.

Over the past two years, ridership has declined over 5%. We take this very seriously and we want to know why. (We’ll discuss ridership in detail in an upcoming blog post.)

We take even more seriously our community’s access to opportunity and how our system connects us to an affordable, livable and fun way of life in the place we call home. Every five years, Capital Metro updates what we call a service plan, or comprehensive system analysis, that spans ten years and guides the agency’s tri-annual service changes. It’s 2015, and Capital Metro’s service plan is due for an update since its last refresh in 2010.

Looking Ahead

Capital Metro’s plan will focus on goals established by its board of directors and informed by community-driven feedback that balance difficult trade-offs while prioritizing fiscal responsibility. The agency aims to utilize both innovative and proven solutions to help create a more effective and integrated system to address transportation challenges in our ever-growing region.

During the year-long service planning process, Capital Metro, together with its consultant team, will lead a robust public involvement process where we need you involved along the way. But first, Capital Metro needs to blend its ideas for engagement opportunities with Transportation Management and Design’s. So, give us a few weeks to bring our new consultant onboard, then we’ll announce our public involvement plan. Expect more info here and on our website as it becomes available.

For more information on the consultant awarded on Sept. 14 to help us in this process, visit

2 thoughts on “Capital Metro Begins Work on Rethinking its System

  1. AA

    Hello there,

    I was curious to find out more about ridership decline and from what source you found the 5% number. I’m in the middle of a research paper, and I’m trying to dig a little deeper into this topic.


  2. Guest Blogger

    Hi AA! We report our annual ridership in the annual reports. From 2012, we reported more than 34 million and in 2014 we provided 32.9 million boardings. A follow-up blog post will be made in the future.

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