Bike-N-Ride: Summer Traveling Tips

0137_Brio Photography

This summer is a great time to hit the road with your bike, while trying public transit. We’ve got some helpful tips if you’re bringing your bike along for the first time!

Bikes on the Bus

All full-size buses feature sturdy exterior racks attached to the front of vehicles. Depending on the rack, it may hold two or three bicycles with wheels 20″ or larger. Electric bikes under 55 pounds also fit on the racks.  Spaces are available on a first come, first served basis, and FREE.

How to use the racks? It’s pretty easy – instructions can also be found on the racks themselves, or you can see step by step instructions at

Folding bikes can be brought into buses at any time (folded); no other bikes are allowed on the bus.

We’re installing 350+ three-position racks on all buses by Fall 2015 (with exception of Express buses).

Parking Your Bike

Free bike parking is available at most Capital Metro bus stops, MetroRapid stops, MetroRail stations and Park & Rides.  Seven MetroBike Shelters offer secure, protected parking that can be accessed using a MetroBike Card only, available for purchase online for $30/year at

0138_Brio PhotographySafety Tips

  • Always approach the bus from the curb. Never ride to the front of a bus from the street.
  • Wait on the curb, not in the street, with your bike as the bus approaches.
  • Before stepping in front of the bus to load your bike, make eye contact with the operator.
  • Always EXIT OUT THE FRONT door and let the operator know you are getting your bike!  Otherwise the operator won’t know to wait for you to get your bike.
  • Inform the operator when you are retrieving your bike.
  • Always load and unload your bicycle directly in front of the bus, or from the curb.
  • After unloading your bike, never cross in front of the bus! Wait until it has left the stop.

Other Things to Know

  • Gasoline-powered bicycles and scooters are not permitted on buses’ racks.
  • Express buses offer storage for up to two bicycles in interior storage compartments. Ask your operator for assistance.
  • Call Lost & Found at (512) 389-7454 if you accidentally leave your bike behind.
  • Bicycles left on the bus or at Capital Metro facilities for ten (10) days or longer are considered abandoned (not at MetroBike Shelters, please refer to rules at shelters).
  • Capital Metro is not responsible for personal injury, property damage or property loss arising from use of the bike racks. Please use at your own risk.

bike-racks-on-trainBikes on the Train

Bicycles are allowed on all MetroRail trains, and bringing one along is easy! If trains are full, bikes may be limited to eight total per train, or four per compartment.

When you arrive at the station, please use the designated crossing area to get to the station platform. For safety reasons, do not ride your bike on the platform, walk it alongside you. When you hear your train announced, simply move to the area behind the white boarding line and wait to board. Please keep your bicycle close to you and as a courtesy, wait until passengers have cleared the doorway before getting on. Two bike racks are located in each car near the entrances.

Other Things to Know

  • Folded, folding bikes are allowed on board the bus.
  • Only standard-sized bicycles are permitted on the bus racks, which includes standard electric and folding bicycles.
  • Tricycles, tandems, bicycles with training wheels, cargo bikes, recumbents, or gasoline-powered bicycles or scooters are not allowed on board.
  • In the event of an emergency evacuation, bicycles on racks should remain in place on the train.
  • Cyclists are responsible for their own bicycles and all actions, injuries, losses and/or damages resulting from their bicycles in station platform areas and on board trains.

How We are Making Bikes + Transit Even Better:

DSC_0009Secure, Sheltered Bike Parking

Cyclists told us that they need more secure bike parking, so we built seven electronic card-accessed enclosed shelters – called MetroBike Shelters – at popular MetroRail and MetroRapid stations. Each shelter has high-security fencing, lighting, camera surveillance, and includes an air pump, repair stand with tools and racks so that you use your own lock to secure your bike inside.  MetroBike Cards are good at all shelters, with unlimited use for one year. To buy or renew your MetroBike Card, go to

Connecting Trails

We partner with the City of Austin to develop trails to better connect cyclists and pedestrians to our facilities. An example: We built the trail segment along Airport Boulevard, connecting people to both Crestview Station and Highland Station. It opened in 2013 and ownership was transferred to the City of Austin in 2014. We continue working to improve other connections throughout our system.

IMAG0400Bike Share of Austin

Capital Metro is a proud founding partner of Austin’s bike share program, B-Cycle, which gives riders yet another option for completing their trip in the greater downtown area.  For more info, visit

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