Changes in June 2015: Why not Route 20?

June2015_ProposedWebBannerCapital Metro reviews service three times a year in an effort to make adjustments that improve the overall system. As you may know, we’re currently seeking feedback on the proposed changes for June 2015. We’ve been asked why Route 20 isn’t also proposed to provide service to the Mueller H-E-B. We agree that it should.

heboutsideThe quick answer is we want to modify Route 20 so it would also take riders to the Mueller H-E-B area, but unfortunately, some roadways just aren’t ready for our vehicles to operate safely on the street. 

Read on for more details:

When Route 320 was modified to serve the H-E-B at Berkman and Barbara Jordan in August 2013, Capital Metro received requests from the community, the Customer Satisfaction Advisory Committee (CSAC), and our board of directors to also consider modifying Routes 20 and 37 to serve the new H-E-B. After further analysis of the area, we determined that modifying Route 20 would be dependent on the completion of the conversion of Berkman into a boulevard.field_pic

As the roadway is currently configured, the northbound lanes are not navigable by Capital Metro buses and northbound stops cannot be built. The difficulty navigating Berkman is caused where the boulevard ends and traffic has to transition back to the original lanes. This transition requires a sharp left followed by a quick right, which isn’t feasible for our buses to navigate. In communication with Mueller developer, Catellus, we learned that the expected completion date would be January 2015.  As a result, our vision was to propose modifications to Routes 20 and 37 in June 2015. However, as it stands, it does not appear the roadway will be completed in time.

37The current June 2015 Service Change Proposal does include Route 37 since Capital Metro continues to receive requests for this route to serve the new H-E-B. (Route proposal pictured in map on right.)

Catellus expects the Berkman conversion to be completed February 2016.  While this is a setback for our intended plans, Capital Metro needs the proper infrastructure in place before modifying a route.

It is Capital Metro’s intention to propose a modification of Route 20 when the conversion of the roadway is completed. Since there is significant construction in Mueller, Capital Metro’s Planning and Community Involvement teams plan to seek guidance from the community on what the preferred path through Mueller would be. Please be on the lookout for this outreach later this year and engage with us by emailing

If you have any questions, you may contact Capital Metro Planner Lawrence Deeter at 512-369-6772.

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