Real-Time Bus Departures Are Here!

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With GPS-enabled real-time information on all buses and trains, Capital Metro now helps you save time and travel smarter by taking the guesswork out of planning your trip.

View real-time departure information for the next three available bus trips within 45 minutes. Planning a trip further in advance? View scheduled departure times.


Visit “Next Departures” on the mobile site or CapMetro App to count down the minutes until the next bus departure by route, location or stop ID. View our app demo above to see how it works for yourself!


At your stop? Scan the square barcode on the bus stop sign using a QR reader app for next bus times.


Text (512) 981-6221 (Dadnab) to get departure info via your bus stop ID and quickly receive a reply text with real-time information.


Dial (512) 474-1200 (GO Line) at home or on-the-go to speak with a Customer Service agent to access real-time info based on your route, location or stop ID.

For more information, visit or call the GO Line at 512-474-1200.

2 thoughts on “Real-Time Bus Departures Are Here!

  1. beastman59

    Google map dc can also be used. The real time info needs to take Time Points into account – not just bus speed and lication, but is a start in the right direction

  2. trustmoone

    TiYour tranportation on local buses SUCKS!!!!!!!!! THATS WHY I DRIVE MY CAR. I BEEN WAITING FOR thirty minutes. Your stupid tex times do not work. You bus times are never on time. MAKE ALL THE BUSES RAPID.the stupid local buses stop at every blockthats a wasteof time. And my time.

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