Fare Change 2015

Capital Metro fares will change beginning Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015. This fare change will be the second phase of fare policy changes approved by the board of directors in Sept. 2013.

Get to know your new fare now! Brochures are available on buses, pick one up today, or visit capmetro.org/farechange2015 for more information.

What’s Changing?

Fare Restructure Infographic

Where to buy fares?

One thought on “Fare Change 2015

  1. sylvia

    You all want to raise prices on low income people who actually rely on cap metro as their primary means of transportation, but for what to increase you all’s bank account. Some of your drivers are VERY RUDE,ALWAYS LATE,PASSES PEOPLE UP.IS THAT WHAT WE’RE PAYING FOR.ALLOWING PEOPLE TO BRING PETS IN THE BUS. WHAT OF SOME ONE GETS BITTEN, IF THEIR DOGS AREN’T SERVICE ANIMALS. BUT YOU ALL WANT IS TO PAY FOR THAT. WOW.ALL I CAN SAY IS GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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