New MetroRapid Service Kicks-Off Today

Today marked the first day of the new MetroRapid service!

Vehicles started rolling out into service early this morning and we have over 200 employee volunteers at stations and onboard this week helping you navigate the new service.

MetroRapid’s new amenities:


  • Frequent service
  • Fewer stops
  • New vehicles
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile app
  • Traffic priority lanes
  • Unique stations
  • 3-position bike rack
  • Traffic signal priority technology

As you prepare for tomorrow’s workday/school day commute, make sure you’re up-to-date on all the recent changes, effective today at Capital Metro:

New MetroRapid service, Route 801

New fare system

Changes to some bus routes

New mobile app

Check out some of today’s MetroRapid Day #1 action!

1st MetroRapid vehicle rolls out into town
This video doesn’t exist
Cyclist tries out the new 3-bike rack
Cyclist tries out the new 3-bike rack


One of the 200 volunteers out at MetroRapid stations this week
One of the 200 volunteers out at MetroRapid stations this week

Thank you for riding Capital Metro!

5 thoughts on “New MetroRapid Service Kicks-Off Today

  1. And don’t forget that half of the locals have been cut to force people to use this more expensive service which is no faster than the 101 was. If you don’t get on or off near a MR stop today, I recommend contemplating this post while enjoying your extra-long walk.

  2. Robin

    The agency is ‘defensive’ about 801—because it is not bringing in the expected ridership. When you can get WI-fi at McDonalds without paying extra and at the Library for free–this is not ‘unique’ of Capital Metro. It’s a very stupid and dangerous move which will only drive off the people who don’t HAVE to use public transit for mobility.

  3. Robin

    Our current handing of BRT shows that the board etc are not aware of area transit needs—and have no idea how to connect with the riders who are functionally/legally dependent on public transit for mobility.

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