New MetroBike Shelters Opening Early 2014


Capital Metro is building 6 new MetroBike Shelters to provide more secure overnight or daily bike parking at major access points to bus and train routes.

Like the MetroBike Shelter already open at Kramer Station, these new shelters will make it safer and more secure to use transit without the having to take a bike onto a bus or train.


The new MetroBike Shelters are being constructed at:

  • Tech Ridge Park & Ride
  • Lakeline Station
  • Highland Station
  • MLK Jr. Station
  • Plaza Saltillo Station
  • South Congress Transit Center

For an introductory cost of only $30/year, you can purchase a MetroBike Access Card online to be mailed out within the week. Cards are valid beginning the month of purchase. This card will access any of the MetroBike Shelters around town. Daily card access extends from 5:00AM to 1:30AM.

Protect your bike from the elements

Once inside, the cyclist locks their bike to a rack with their own bike lock. The shelter provides protection from the sun and rain, and provides a higher level of security with 24-hour camera surveillance and lighting.

A helpful repair stand with tools and air pump with gauge inside each shelter makes it easier to combine your bike and Capital Metro commute.

A MetroBike repair stand
A MetroBike repair stand

Free bike racks will remain available outside these shelters.

Flatwork at Plaza Saltillo Station
Flatwork at Plaza Saltillo Station

Construction is underway at all new locations, and the shelters will open before the summer heat returns (Opening date to be announced soon). These shelters are made possible through an FTA Livability grant with match funding provided by the City of Austin. For more info go to

One thought on “New MetroBike Shelters Opening Early 2014

  1. Teleri

    This is not a comment about the rail.
    This is a question + a complaint. I would not use this if the comments and
    complaints sections were up and working or if I could find the section at all.
    I would like to know why the front facing seats in the up front sections of the
    disability section of these mostly older regular buses; they are kept up now. We, the passengers are not allowed to use them. They are kept in the up position. I was riding the # 10 northbound today around 4-5 pm today and those seats were up, as they have been for more than a month and there is a sign posted on them that they are supposed to stay up! I; another
    disabled lady with a cane like myself, and another lady had to stand in the front of the bus. It was extremely painful for me to stand and not fall when the bus started and stopped and braked. I think everyone knows very well, that drivers, never, ever get involved in the bus seating. ( exception-blindness)
    There were 5 grown men who were not disabled sitting on the seats that are sideways. Of course, they did not offer them to us elderly women, even though these seats are designated for disabled passengers.
    What is Cap Metro’s reasoning behind this? It is not helping the passengers.
    When there are no wheelchairs being used, the loss of the 2 extra seats, which can seat at least 2-3 people each is causing a severe disservice to us
    elderly people, handicapped people not in wheelchairs, many mothers with
    small children, plus just simply contributes to overcrowing. We the people demand our seats backs. The only reason I can see is for the benefit of the bus drivers. Are they tired of bending down
    to lower the seat after the people in wheelchairs get off?
    If this is the case; we the people know how to lower these seats ourselves.
    As a matter of fact, the first time I saw the seats up; I did try and I was stopped.
    PPlease respond as soon as possible.
    A disgruntled handicapped passenger.

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