United We Jam — But if we go alone we sit in traffic

By Joseph Kopser
CEO and Co-Founder of





This weekend, Austin Music People will host a two-day fundraiser downtown that features Austin musicians for Austin fans. The hyperlocal event, United We Jam, is a great chance to highlight the very best of what makes Austin so special. In fact, the music industry represents almost $2 billion in revenue in our economy. In addition to great shows, there will also be multiple voter registration tables staffed by volunteers to assist fans in registering to vote. It’s a great chance to celebrate.

There is, unfortunately, one aspect of our town that is not a source of pride.  It is actually a drain on our economy—the traffic.   It not only wastes fuel and time sitting idle in traffic, but it spoils the experience for people going out to see the shows and concert.   It is a common refrain, “The parking was terrible,” or “I sat in traffic for an hour trying to get home.”   Even worse, when you combine alcohol at the events the potential for drunk driving puts everyone at risks.  It does not have to be that way.

But I’m happy to report the answer is right in front of us.  It’s a simple matter of getting people to use the existing resources in our city to take them to and from events.   It saves time, save money and reduces the chance for distracted or impaired driving.

There is an ecosystem of options for people who want to attend United We Jam this weekend.   Depending on where you live, there is a combination of your own car, Cap Metro, Car2Go, Electric Cab, pedicabs, and taxicab that can take you to and from the event. And to help sort it out, we created “RideScout” a mobile App for iPhone and Android that lets you see all the ground transportation options around you in real time.   Just like you buy an airline ticket on Kayak, we show you all your ride options.

Practice it right now for Friday night.  Download RideScout and see what scenario most closely resembles your likely route to/from the concerts:

Scenario #1 – Drive to the nearest station and light rail into the 4th street Metro Station.  Then walk, Electric Cab or pedicab to United We Jam on Red River/East 6th/East 7th.  Reverse to get home.

Scenario #2 – Bus into the heart of the city and transfer on the #4 Metro Bus route that takes you right to the United We Jam venues.  Reverse to get home.

Scenario #3 – Find a car2go in your neighborhood to get near the event and park in any city street parking.   Take a Lone Star Cab at the end of the night.

Scenario #4 – Walk, bike, ride with a friend and get down to the concert anyway you can without your car.   Reverse or take a Lone Star Cab home.

If you have another scenario, please send that to me at joseph@ridescoutapp.com

No matter how your travel, leave your car parked and use RideScout to plan your ride down and back.

For more information:

AustinMusicPeople.org and http://do512.com/unitedwejam

Here is an example of one of the performers: Nakia. He plays at Elysium, Saturday 11pm.


United We Jam poster

capitalmetro_new_vertCar2go primary_logo_label_master                                                                      Electric Cab

One thought on “United We Jam — But if we go alone we sit in traffic

  1. Will

    How about MORE BUS SERVICE? Capital Metro should ONLY PROMOTE BUS SERVICE. But this is typical of them. Was Roberto Gonzalez and Todd Kent Hemingson behind this idea? FIRE THEM.

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