New Southwest Austin Route, Increased Night Owl Frequency Coming Sunday

Coming this Sunday are some new improvements to a few bus routes–we want to make sure you know all about them!!

6-and-323First, we’ve linked routes 6 East 12th and 323 Anderson to help reduce the need for transfers. What does that mean? Means, you’ll be able to board on Route 6 and ride all the way up northwest to Wal-Mart, North Lamar Transit Center and Northcross Mall along Route 323 without having to get off your bus.

Second, we’ve shifted Route 383 Research from Mopac to Braker and Burnet to help you make easier connections to other routes. That means, instead of the route traveling on Mopac after the Gateway Shopping Center, it will make 20 new stops on Braker and Burnet, closer to the Domain and Pickle Research Center. By adding new stops in this area, we’re improving connections to Route 3 Burnet/Manchaca, Route 240 Rutland, and Route 392

Braker, which will reduce transfers and customer waiting time.


Third, we’ve added a new route! In the Southwest Austin area, riders now have a new commute option. Route 111 will provide rush hour service to Downtown and UT areas, with new stops in Circle C and Western Oaks neighborhoods. Limited parking will be available at Dick Nichols Park. This adds 12 new bus stops to the area!

Finally, we’re increasing frequency on 481 Night Owl North Lamar! You’ll now be able to catch a bus ride every 20 minutes, instead of every 30, like before. This will help with overcrowding and keep you moving faster!

These changes are part of an overall process we do to keep routes running efficiently, to see how our plan came to be and how we make revisions to our original proposal based on customer feedback, check out this March blog post.

But, these are just some highlights in the coming changes. We invite you to check out a complete run-down at our June Service Change website at Or, take a look at our webinar we hosted where we describe the changes in detail. Remember, these go in effect Sunday! Pick up your new route schedule onboard or on our website.

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