Capital Metro Revises Service Change Proposal After Public Feedback

By Celso, Capital Metro Community Involvement Team

Capital Metro changes transit service three times each year in order to make it more efficient, convenient and reliable. We regularly review changes to infrastructure, housing and employment to determine if adjustments need to be made to make transit service work better for our community.

Service changes allow us to adjust routes, schedules, bus stop locations and facilities in order to improve overall service. Service changes also provide an opportunity to implement new services. Capital Metro’s goal is to be as efficient with its resources as possible, and we allocate service accordingly based on ridership and need.

Last week, Capital Metro invited stakeholders to several public meetings and a webinar regarding our Proposed June 2013 service changes.  We have also visited with several potentially impacted neighborhoods and passengers at bus stops and on-board buses to get feedback on the proposals.

After receiving a great deal of feedback on the Proposed June 2013 Service Changes, Capital Metro has responded by revising our initial proposal for Routes 171 and 383 in Southwest and Northwest Austin to ensure we are meeting your needs as best we can.

Community Members and JGamez
Public Meeting, March 5th held at Capital Metro’s Transit Store

In response to feedback from Southwest Austin, proposed changes to Route 171 would only eliminate one neighborhood trip at 4:20 p.m., rather than three trips in the original proposal. Back in late January, Capital Metro staff surveyed customers who use Oak Hill Park & Ride Route 171. The survey findings proved to be valuable in the early developmental stages of our proposal.

Based upon feedback from riders in Northwest Austin, the revised proposal for Route 383 now includes additional bus stops at Capital of Texas and Stonelake to preserve easy access to locations in the GatewayShopping Center.

Capital Metro Online Discussion Forum

We appreciate all the great participation and feedback we have received so far, and we encourage you to keep it coming.  Riders may still discuss individual route proposals on our online discussion forum, email us at, or call 512-474-1200. The public is also encouraged to attend our public hearing on March 18th. See for schedule details.

These proposed changes will go before the Capital Metro Board of Directors on March 25th. If approved, these changes will take effect on Sunday, June 9, 2013.

Thank you for riding Capital Metro.

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