Capital Metro: “Seriously Transparent”

Capital Metro CEO Mike Martinez is at the helm of the Transparency Bus.
Capital Metro Board Chairman Mike Martinez is at the helm of the Transparency Bus.

Capital Metro has been awarded—for the third year in a row—the Texas Comptroller’s highest rating for its financial transparency efforts. Yesterday, we unveiled a unique “transparency bus” to remind the community—(you)—they can track every dollar Capital Metro spends on our website.

Senator Kirk Watson noted in a statement, “Capital Metro has done a ton of hard work over the past three years to transform itself into a model of best practices…Capital Metro’s work shows a continued commitment to being accountable on current and future investments in our comprehensive transportation system.”

CEO Linda Watson issued the following open letter to the community yesterday.

December 4, 2012

Capital Metro is seriously transparent. That was the message I conveyed today, along with Austin City Councilman and Capital Metro Chairman Mike Martinez, and Legislative Director for Senator Kirk Watson, Sandy Guzman, at a news conference announcing that Capital Metro has been awarded the highest financial transparency rating—for the third year in a row—from the Texas Comptroller.

We were the first transit system in the state to receive a gold transparency rating.

Capital Metro posts a wealth of financial information on our website (, including our budget, individual financial transaction records, contracts information and historical data. We’ve made the information easy to find and review so that interested citizens can keep tabs on every dollar we spend.

Increased transparency and accountability have been two of my key goals for raising the bar at Capital Metro, and will ensure we’ll be able to make wise investments in the future for needed transit services for our community.

We’re leading the way for our region, and we invite you to track our progress.

Best regards,
Linda S. Watson
President/CEO, Capital Metro

3 thoughts on “Capital Metro: “Seriously Transparent”

  1. Will

    I don’t know what the Texas Comptroller is drinking, but if you ask me it is too much flouridated water. I won’t be voting for that person come election time, and will rally against the Comptroller. Transparent does not include misc. expenses, does it? Or the CEO Salary of CapMetro $250,000 a year. Comptroller Susan Combs is a R-I-N-O just like Carole Keeton Grandma Many Names. How much bribe money did Cap Metro spend on the Combs report?

  2. Rpbin

    So why was Mike using Capital Metro equipment in his race for Mayor?? How is this transparent??? And how is this following Texas ethics commission law???

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