Feds say we’re “doing it right”

Capital Metro recently received a positive review from the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) triennial review. Since we are a federal funding recipient, we have to go through a review every three years with the FTA. In FY 2012, we conservatively estimate to receive around $36.1 million in federal funds.

So what’s the big deal, you ask? Well, a positive review is a reflection of the good work we’re doing here at Capital Metro. We have a responsibility to provide a vital community service and staff works hard to deliver quality transportation choices. Capital Metro President/CEO, Linda Watson believes this is further confirmation that “Capital Metro is on the right track” and that we are conducting business with integrity, transparency and fiscal accountability.

The review is one of the FTA’s management tools for the responsible administration of federal transportation grants. It scrutinizes the agency in 24 different areas including procurement, finance, maintenance, safety, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In its cover letter to Capital Metro, FTA Regional Administrator Robert Patrick congratulated the transit authority for its diligence in providing quality transportation in the Austin area.

The review was conducted by a third party contractor of the FTA, Advanced Systems Technology and Management, Inc. The review team congratulated President Watson on having a good team and “doing it right.”

From the beginning, Watson has made it my goal to create a high-performing organization and position the agency so that it is a significant and valued contributor to the growth and development of the region. We’re making strides to meet the needs of central Texas. Feel free to browse through the review, which is posted online along with a lot of other financial and audit information.

2 thoughts on “Feds say we’re “doing it right”

  1. Will

    Did they check the Veolia buses which do not kneel? ADA VIOLATION. How much money did you pay the FTA regional director for this doctored up report? What about the double dipping (i.e. tranfering buses with service problems from StarTran to Veolia?

    I will have my audio or visual recording device on me AT ALL TIMES while catching the Veolia routes. If just one that’s right just one bus does not kneel, I will submit this to my Senator, and the FTA. Don’t like it? Sue me. Because the truth will come out!!!!

    1. Will

      Strike Double Dipping from the last paragraph, and replace with Creative Accounting. However, isn’t the President Watson getting paid from both APTA or TTI, and on the Capital Metro rolls? if so, add back the term Double Dipping.

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