2012 Earth Day Is Coming: How Are You Involved?

Earth DayEach year, we get one special day to celebrate Mother Earth and get involved in how we can help take care of our planet and be more eco-friendly.

This year, that special day falls on April 22.

So how will you be involved?

If you still don’t have plans, we’ve got you covered. So, keep reading…

At Capital Metro, being earth-friendly and staying “green” is important to us. And, we take pride in the fact that as a public transportation agency, we help reduce harmful air emissions and carbon-footprints by facilitating people riding together each day–not alone in their cars.

  • By making that switch to using public transportation versus driving you can help reduce your carbon emissions by up to 20 pounds per day, or 4,800 pounds a year!
  • Dump the pump! For every passenger mile traveled, public transit uses about one half of the fuel consumed by automobiles.Capital Metro Bus
  • Green vehicles! With three Capital Metro hybrid buses and 14 Toyota Prius hybrids for carpools, we’re getting greener vehicles. We will also begin moving towards compressed natural gas vehicles in a few years.
  • We’re keeping extra traffic off the streets! The Texas Transportation Institute says without Capital Metro, Austin area congestion would increase by 1,709,000 hours annually.

“There are lots of people who haven’t considered using transit before, so in this time when they’re thinking about their environmental impact, the most impactful change they can make is use public transportation to reduce their carbon emissions,” Capital Metro Community Involvement Manager John-Michael Cortez said.

Earth Day

This April 22, we’re involved all around town for Earth Day.

And, we hope you’ll join us!

The fun has already started!

Today we visited St. Edward’s Earthweek during Transportation Day, and we’re not stoppin’ there.

Tomorrow: Austin Community College Earth Fair 5:30-8:30 PM, Eastview Campus

Sunday, April 22: City of Austin Earth Day 12:00-6:00 PM, Muller Hangar

So now that you know how much you’re helping the environment by choosing Capital Metro… ride with us! It’s easy!

Capital Metro: 82 bus routes, 2,800 bus stops, MetroRail and more!

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