Roadify: New Transit iPhone App

roadify logoRoadify is a new app on the public transportation scene just in time for SXSW. Roadify is a tech startup encouraging SXSW attendees using mass transit to test their iPhone product.

The mission of this iPhone app is to combine public transportation data into one easy-to-use platform in real-time. But, their app is intended to take your transit experience to the next level by pulling in updates from other Roadify users and Twitter feed and show them on one screen along with stop times.

The Twitter feed you see includes all Tweets related to Capital Metro, so you get to see what conversation is ongoing about Capital Metro online. But, you don’t get route-specific Tweets, just everything that’s trending at the moment.

The interface is easy to navigate once you’ve chosen the city you want and choose Metro as your transportation you can then pick individual routes for their times. The only downside is you’ll have to look up which route number you want before hand to be able to find the time for it.

Anyone who downloads the app can tell us if this mix gets confusing or is as easy-to-use as they say should be for riders.

Roadify is aiming to provide public transportation data across the United States, but has been focused on New York City transit, so we’ll have to see how it works in Austin.

We’re always trying to get the latest tools out there for our riders to get to their destinations on time and as easy as possible, so if you try this app let us know how you like it and share your experience. We’ve included the Roadify app on our MetroLabs page, where we have a number of third-party transit apps for you to try.

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