Manor Park & Ride Grand Opening this week

Manor Park & Ride MapWe’re cutting the ribbon – literally – on another major milestone with the grand opening of the new Manor Park & Ride. Come on out to the ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 15, and help us celebrate this fabulous new facility.

Amid the backdrop of the storied Manor water tower (of Leonardo DiCaprio fame in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape), the new park & ride provides parking for 68 cars and 4 bicycles and includes two pedestrian shelters for the #990.

As an appreciation to our customers, we’ll be at the new facility starting bright and early on the 15th from 5:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. to greet passengers and hand out light refreshments and other goodies.

The 9:30 a.m. ceremony will include Capital Metro board members, President Watson, Elgin Mayor Mark Holm and Manor Mayor Jeff Turner, in addition to Manor and Elgin community members and riders.


5 thoughts on “Manor Park & Ride Grand Opening this week

  1. Why does Manor get a Park and Ride but a highly populated area like South Austin doesn’t have any? The parking lot at the South Congress Transit Center only has 20 spots. It can easily be expanded by paving over the grassy area around it but Capital Metro ignores my requests for more spaces. This parking lot fills up Monday thru Friday by 9am or so and people are left with no choice but to drive downtown and pay to park. If you want people to leave their cars out of downtown, then build more park and Rides. Also, south South Austin needs a park and ride too. Why not partner with South Park Meadows and put a Park and Ride there by the Petsmart?

    1. Erica

      Yes, the location is along our railroad right of way, and in the future, that stop could be a rail station on the proposed Green Line, aka “sausage link” that would link Elgin, Manor to downtown Austin.

  2. Kelly

    Park and rides are unattractive, making more of them, will result in vast expanses of concrete and nobody wants to make Austin ugly. If you like the bus or rail, why not try to ride the whole way? Instead of getting frustrated that there are no places to park to get on the train, take a chance, ride or bike part of the way.

  3. RCM

    Yet another in a long stream of muggings of Austin taxpayers to subsidize a tiny number of folks in Austin-hating Republican suburbs!

    Why does Cap Metro continue to reward those few Republicans who hate Cap Metro, while raising rates and reducing service for the people of Austin who contribute almost all of Cap Metro’s funding. Sure looks like yet another case of Cap Metro hurting the good people and helping the bad people.

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