Be a Night Owl on New Year’s Eve

Looking to revel downtown on New Year’s Eve this year? Capital Metro, in partnership with the Austin Police Department, wants to help you ring in the new year safely, and we’re offering FREE Night Owl service on New Year’s Eve.

Ride a regular local bus to downtown that night for $1, and catch a free return ride via one of six Night Owl bus routes, which begin service at midnight and run til after 3 a.m. Catch one of these buses at 6th and Congress, with service to neighborhoods throughout town.

This means your transportation costs for New Year’s Eve can max out at a mere $1–the cost of a one-way fare via Capital Metro’s regular local routes. Yes! No parking fees, no circling the block looking for a meter, and no worrying about the dangers of being out on the road that night.

You can plan your trip with our online trip planner, and check out the Night Owl maps, too, to see if our late night service will work for you.

APD is stepping up its DWI enforcement. Don’t chance it! If you’re flying late on New Year’s, get on the Night Owl.

2 thoughts on “Be a Night Owl on New Year’s Eve

  1. Scott Wood

    I’m not sure that $1 versus $2 is going to make such a big difference, compared to extending the hours of ordinary routes on such days — Night Owl’s coverage is limited. Plus, I imagine the complexity of possibly having to figure out a different route to and from (depending on the time of departure) can be discouraging to some.

  2. Jose

    I totally agree with Scott.

    I would LOVE to ride the night owl service but the limited service area probably inhibits most riders.

    CapMetro should consider extending service hours for ALL buses until 3am.

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