Fuel Spill Drill

At 10 a.m. Tuesday, a group of four employees were told a fuel delivery truck hose failed and a large amount of diesel fuel was released on the ground next to the service island. Their job was to take care of the situation. This was just a drill, but nonetheless, they sprang into action.

A water tank was set up to act as a delivery truck leaking fuel. Five other employees were positioned around the scenario to observe and take notes.

The response team consisting of a parts clerk, fleet mechanic, service island attendant and building maintenance technician briefly devised a plan and went to work. They immediately used spill socks from the emergency spill kit to stop the “fuel” from reaching the storm water drain nearby. It only took a few minutes to stop and contain the leak. Absorbent was used to soak up the “fuel” and it was disposed of properly.

Overall, the drill went well and the team followed the emergency spill plan. However, there is always room for improvement. The observers made some recommendations that will be used to update the spill plan and be incorporated into safety training.

As Capital Metro implements an Environmental and Sustainability Management System, we must review and test our emergency procedures. The results of this drill will help us to ensure we are doing everything possible to prevent or mitigate any environmental hazards during the fuel delivery process. As we move forward with the program, we’ll be testing other areas of operation that have a potential for environmental impacts.

Mock Fuel Spill
The response team works to contain the leak with absorbent socks.
Mock Fuel Spill
A fuel delivery truck arrives during the drill. The driver waits and watches as the team puts absorbent on the "fuel".

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