MetroRapid demo bus on display today

A vehicle very similar to what Capital Metro will use for our new MetroRapid service is making a stop in Austin on its way to the West Coast, and will be available for public viewing, TODAY, Tuesday, October 18 from noon to 6:30 PM, at the Downtown Station (located outside the Austin Convention Center on 4th St. between Neches & Trinity).  Stop by to see the next big thing for Austin transit! (see more pictures behind the jump)

Check out our new MetroRapid project website, too, to learn more about this high-tech mode of transportation.

5 thoughts on “MetroRapid demo bus on display today

  1. Will

    You are forgetting to tell the public about your plans to remove local service route 3 and it’s many bus stops and replace it with this one, disparaging persons with mobility impairments. I am suprised that Capital Metro gets so much Federal Funding when your transit system is not 100 percent accessible. I am wondering if Capital Metro lies on their application made to the FTA.

    I would like copies of the application for federal funding for bus rapid transit, and the approval letter granting such use of these funds.

    You can email these via attachment.

    1. Misty


      We do not plan on eliminating Route 3. The rapid route along Burnet/S. Lamar will be in addition to Route 3. The rapid buses and bus stations will be accessible to riders with mobility impairments and offer improved amenities to all customers. If you’d like to learn more about the project, please visit

      You can submit a public information request by emailing

  2. Sarah

    We recently became a one car household and I was excited to use the train. I work downtown (4 blocks from downtown station) and live 7 minutes away from the Crestview station. The first week I forgot to buy my monthly pass so I bought a one way ticket in zone 1 since my travel occurs in only one zone. It was $1 – I thought this wasn’t bad at all and on my return trip after work I bought another one ticket for a $1. I then thought maybe I’d buy a day pass, but that is $5.50 when I can buy two one way tickets for $2 that did not make sense for me. Then thought about the 7-day pass, but the train doesn’t operate on the weekends so what is the point of that. Then I started working out the math on the monthly pass which is $64. There are 5 work days in a week at $2 a day that is $10 a week. Four weeks in the month that’s about $40. So why exactly would I buy a monthly pass. Maybe to use on the nights and weekends, oh that’s right, it doesn’t operate on nights and weekends. So every day I buy a one-way pass in the morning and a one way pass at night. This is all to save $24 which is enough money to make me want to buy passes twice a day. I like the trains and think they are convenient for me, however, the current pricing structure is more appropriate for the future not now. The buses have a local monthly pass for $30 I don’t understand why the rail system does not have this.

    1. Misty


      The regional passes are also good on all Capital Metro buses. You can ride the train for work during the week and ride the bus downtown on the weekends. Check out our online trip planner to see which bus routes work best for you,

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