Safety gone wild

Capital Metro’s serious about safety, but things got a little silly this week when our safety manager James Hoskins showed up for morning pullout on Thursday with a bright blue Mohawk  (technically, it was a faux hawk, but still…) to recognize the achievement of a safety milestone.

From L to R: Bus Operators Brenda Moore, Richard Thomas, Annette Kirschbaum, Ken Daniels; Interim Safety Manager James Hoskins; Bus Operators Reggie Dugue, DeAndra Scypion; MetroAccess Van Operator Daniel Rodriguez; Bus Operator Lagretta Landry.

Earlier in August, StarTran drivers (bus, MetroAccess sedan and van) had three full days without an accident. You may not think that is such a big deal, but when you consider just how many thousands of miles Capital Metro travels each day (the majority of which is during rush hour traffic), it is a major achievement.

James had issued a challenge to the workforce sometime last year: if drivers went a full three days without an accident, he’d fashion his hair into a blue Mohawk for a week. They did it, and therefore he did it.

” Capital Metro operators have challenging jobs that require constant attention and focus,” James said. “I promised them a blue Mohawk, and frankly I’m thrilled to be able to follow through with it to recognize their dedication to driving safely.”

Check out a few more photos on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Safety gone wild

  1. w_roos

    Talking about safety, talking about reliable service, when is crap metro going to improve the barriers around the Parmer Lane area of the MetroRail tracks, where there have been two major service disruptions in the past week?

    [The first was when a motor vehicle got stuck on the tracks far from an intersection. The second was when a 64-year old dude decided to take a walk on the tracks and either got hit by the train or jumped from a 30 foot bridge to get out of its way.]

    I am fed up with 3 hour commutes home.

  2. Matt

    Make something idiot-proof, and they’ll just make a better idiot. Both of these are cases in point, and not Cap Metro’s fault in my opinion (though I apparently don’t have the same biases as you).

    1. w_roos

      Yeah. I sure appreciate your perceptiveness. You couldn’t be more right on. It truly isn’t Cap Metro’s fault that some cretins decided to play on the tracks near Parmer. But, the issue I am raising isn’t about legal culpability. It is about customer satisfaction. It is about providing a reliable means of transportation to/from work.

      If CrapMetro wants to provide a credible alternative means of commute transportation with the MetroRail, then it is going to have to demonstrate a certain level of reliability. If it can’t then legalese in the world won’t help. Two major service disruptions in one week simply ain’t gonna get it done. CrapMetro needs to step up to the plate here.

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