M Station affordable housing welcomes its first residents

The M Station apartments are adjacent to the MLK Station. Image courtesy of Foundation Communities.

Last Friday, 30 families moved into the beautiful new M Station affordable apartments adjacent to the MLK Station. The M Station complex is the newest addition to the Foundation Communities‘ collection of affordable housing properties.  The M Station offers onsite, state of the art childcare and learning center and 150 apartments, including 15 for extremely low-income or homeless families. With direct access to bus routes and MetroRail, as well as many other sustainable features, the M Station will be a great place to live.

Capital Metro welcomes Jennifer and all of our new neighbors at the M Station!


3 thoughts on “M Station affordable housing welcomes its first residents

  1. M1EK

    In an airport with access only to my phone, but you are being misleading as usual – access to the rail line is NOT direct; it’s actually up to a quarter mile hike with a major arterial crossing when the car parking is free, abundant, and adjacent to the apartments.

    This may be a good step for the suburbs, but if you had run rail in the real urban core all along, you’d already have many tens of thousands of people with closer and better walks to stations than these hundred or so will have here.

  2. @M1EK so very true! Metro also needs to offer later night runs to help with drunk drivers going back to CP or Leander! They should have looks at what San Jose did with their rail system. Its packed all the time!

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