Let’s Make it Better!

Capital Metro has a new discussion tool for capturing our riders’ input in advance of finalizing a budget for FY2012 (Oct. 1, 2011 thru Sept. 30, 2012). The online forum asks, “How can you make it better?

It’s incredibly easy to use. After creating a username and password, you can vote on and discuss various ideas that have already been submitted, or you can add your own ideas to the mix. I like it because it provides an ongoing public commentary of what’s important to riders, and it’s sortable by type of idea.

The two main categories that we’re interested in are “Increasing Revenues” and “Reducing Expenses,” since we’re making use of the forum specifically to get public input as part of our budget development process. As part of that process, too, we just published a new video about Capital Metro revenue: the types of funding we get, where it comes from, etc. More on that from Interim Chief Financial Officer Billy Hamilton here.

This is the second video in a series about Capital Metro’s finances. Check out all the resources pertaining to the budget development process, including a timeline, meeting schedule, resource links and more, on our website.

Small print: The discussion forum may look familiar–it has the same format as the city’s Speak Up Austin forum, and basically that’s where we got the idea. (Thanks, Austin!)

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