Dump the Pump contest Third Place Winner: Adela Srinivasan

Right now we are at Brush Square at Downtown Station, announcing the winners of the Dump the Pump contest, and enjoying the upbeat sounds of the East Side Dandies. This is the first post of a few that you’ll see today, highlighting our top winners in the contest. This is the third-place entry from Adela Srinivasan, and her prize is three month’s worth of Capital Metro passes, two tickets to an Austin Chronicle “Paper Cuts” concert, a commuter gift bag and a free Car2Go membership. Congratulations!

My love affair with Capital Metro started way back years ago I first landed to US from Europe, and here I was- a city which seemed to have no boundaries (nothing l have seen before in Europe). What I really mean, is the way US cities are spread out- thanks for the abundance of space!  And I loved it, but one thing that really kept me from enjoying Austin’s  vastness was the fact that I did not have my European way of  grabbing a bus and going places- and the fact that I could not drive was making me even more bitter!

In 2002 my husband was working for Austin Energy and he used to drop me downtown and let me explore the city! The Dillos- my world- I abused their free kindness so much and loved it every mile!

Later on I got my driver’s license but I should confess- if I don’t have to drive- I won’t.  In2007 I joined Applied Materials but the distance that I had to cover from my house in Cedar Park to work scared me. Now watch: Applied Materials was participating in the Capital Metro Vanpool Program- and believe me- I joined it without blinking an eye: How much did it cost me? $0!!! And I loved it even more: good for the environment, good for my wallet and great for the heart. There were about 10 of us riding all the way from Lago Vista and each had a story, a joke to tell every day- what a life!

When my baby arrived, I ditched both the job and the pump- but life cannot stand still when you have the Cap Metro Train in your backyard! We take the train downtown to enjoy museums and fun places- and my little one loves it- can you keep your toddler running about in a van?- no way, unless you want an ugly encounter with the law– but the train has it all! This winter my mom visited us from Europe and I took her many places using the Cap Metro train, bus and even the bus feeder that goes from Cedar Park to Lago Vista!

I do not have to even drive to a Park and Ride, since my house is right by the Cedar  Park ACC- and walking is fun! Our trips were filled with great story time, singing and just watching the scenery and learning that being sensitive to the environment (and to your wallet) is just as important.

This collage of shots I made is the highlight of the ongoing fun! Thank you Capital Metro for being there for my family and for so many people!

Adela Srinivasan

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