Everyday heroes

We’d like to share a wonderful email we received from a customer thanking MetroRail Field Supervisor William Brown and MetroBus Operator Vincent Moore, two of our everyday heroes who keep our systems running for you. (By the way, if you’re a regular MetroBlog reader then you may have seen Vincent in action before. Remember this video?)

Dear Capital Metro,

We are writing to tell you how much we appreciate the kind actions of two of your employees last week while were in Austin for the Texas Library Conference, April 12-15.

After our meetings at the conference center on Wednesday, the 13th, we decided to ride the MetroRail from the Hilton on 4th Street to the end, and then back to the hotel. You guessed it; there was no return ride, since that was the last trip out for the evening. Three lady librarians, stranded at the end of the line, and did not know how to get back. (You would think since we are librarians, we would have researched this a little better, wouldn’t you?) Even our fellow passengers assured us there would be a return train, were very friendly, and suggested other activities for our time in Austin.

When, at the end of the line there was no return trip, [MetroRail Field Supervisor] William Brown, discovered our plight. He took us to the correct bus platform and conferred with a bus driver to make sure we were in the right place and had the right time for boarding. He pointed out the surveillance cameras, assured us that the police did patrol the parking area, talked with us till he had to leave, and just generally made sure we felt safe and knew how to get back to our hotel. A few minutes later another bus pulled in, the passengers piled out, and the driver waited till time to depart. When we asked him to confirm our pick up time on the proper bus, (NOW we were looking for travel information; a little late, don’t you think?) he said that instead of waiting another thirty minutes, we could ride with him to a spot on his route that was just a few blocks from our hotel. This driver’s name was Vincent Moore, and he was also very nice, reassuring us that we were in a fixable situation. We heard him call in that he was rescuing three stranded ladies (he didn’t put it like that, but that’s what it amounted to) and got permission to make an unscheduled stop to let us off at IH 35 and Fourth Street. We arrived safely at our destination, and about forty five minutes earlier than we would have by waiting for the later bus.

Janis Miears

2 thoughts on “Everyday heroes

  1. They only do that for the train, they need to do that for the bus But wait, that would attract the low income, disabled, and minority population something KKKapital Metro doesn’t want to do. .

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