Roadeo ringer?

We knew we were getting a top-notch transit leader when our board members hired Linda Watson as president/CEO last year, but we didn’t realize they were also hiring a bus roadeo ringer, sort of.

First, congratulations to our own Arthur Murillo. He’s a three-time International Bus Roadeo champion, and he finished third in his category at the annual event earlier this week in Nashville. You can read more about Arthur and our other competitors here.

Now, the Linda connection. As we were looking over the list of winners from the International Roadeo, we spotted an interesting trend. Every transit system where Linda has been the boss, or second in command, took home a trophy at the prestigious event:

  • Pablo Perez from LYNX (Orlando) – 1st place in 40-foot bus category and named “best bus operator in North America”
  • Julian Carranza, Jr. from Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority – 1st place in 35-foot bus category
  • Arthur Murillo from Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Austin) – 3rd place in 35-foot bus category
  • Maintenance team from Fort Worth Transportation Authority – 3rd place in maintenance competition

I’m not suggesting that Linda has the Midas touch, so don’t ask her to pick your lottery numbers. After all, Capital Metro competitors have scored well at roadeo competitions long before she got here. But it is good to know that there’s a strong culture safety, training and professionalism wherever she’s been.

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