Wouldn’t it be fun to ride the bus with Vera?

You may recall that we began a community volunteer program over the past year called MetroAmbassadors. After an orientation, we match up volunteers with various community events to represent Capital Metro. In exchange for hours worked, volunteers receive free transit passes. Our volunteers are awesome! Look at this smiling MetroAmbassador face:

MetroAmbassador Vera Rodriguez was a great representative for Capital Metro at ACC's Dia de La Familia event on April 16. She helped provide information on recent service changes, get community input, plan trips for new riders, and answer questions about riding transit.

MetroAmbassadors like Vera add a whole new dimension to Capital Metro’s efforts to be involved in the community. We recently expanded the MetroAmbassador program: MetroAmbassadors are available to ride with you on a Capital Metro bus or train, while explaining routes, how to read the schedule and maps, how to pay, etc.

If you’re interested in riding the bus or train for the first time, someone as nice and as knowledgeable as Vera could be your teacher.

If you want to make use of this free service, email us or give us a call at 512-369-7717.

If you’re interested in becoming a MetroAmbassador, here’s some info.

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