Bus-Only Shoulder Bill to be Heard in Senate Committee Monday; House status

House Bill 2327, the bill that would let Capital Metro operate buses on highway shoulders, was left pending in the House Transportation Committee after it came up late Wednesday afternoon. This has been fairly common practice in most committees for many bills; the committee could act on the bill at their next meeting or subsequent ones.

A big, big thanks to the many organizations and individuals who signed cards or submitted letters in support: the City of Austin, Glenn Gadbois, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Gerald Daugherty, Envision Central Texas, the Downtown Austin Alliance, Alliance for Public Transportation, Real Estate Council of Austin, CARTS, the Texas Transit Association, Sinclair Black, CTRMA, David Richardson, and Lone Star Rail.

On the Senate side, the companion bill filed by Senator Jeff Wentworth, SB 1102, will be heard in the Senate Transportation & Homeland Security Committee this Monday, April 11 at 10:00 AM or upon adjournment/recess of Nominations in Room E1.028 of the Capitol. To learn how you can register your support of this bill, keep reading!

To sign a card in support of SB 1102, which has very wisely and kindly been carried by Jeff Wentworth in previous sessions, we suggest that any supporters simply sign a card in support and not testify since the committee appreciates brevity. (This also means you can leave and go on with your day!)

The meeting notice is online.

We’ll keep you updated.

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