Capital Metro Bus Operator Amos Underwood Wins Texas State Bus Roadeo

The sweet look of victory: Amos Underwood celebrates after competing in the 40-foot bus category at the Texas State Bus Roadeo.

We have the best bus drivers, the best MetroAccess drivers, and the best mechanics. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again! And this past weekend, it was proven yet again, when our team of StarTran bus and van operators and mechanics took home half of all trophies awarded at the Texas State Bus Roadeo, in San Antonio.

Bus Operator Amos Underwood is the overall 2011 Texas State Bus Roadeo Champion; he won first place in the 40-foot bus competition. Bus Operator Tony Payton took second place.

MetroAccess Van Operator Ted Ward took first place in the Paratransit Van competition. Wally Acosta took second place.

MetroAccess Van Operator Ted Ward took first place in the paratransit van competition of the Texas State Bus Roadeo. Part of the competition involves helping a rider in a wheelchair board the van, under the judges’ observation.

Bus Operator Terry Allison took third place in the 35-foot bus competition, and the vehicle maintenance team of Jaime Ayala, Ryan Foley and Phillip O’Neal took third in the maintenance competition.

Capital Metro’s state champions, along with local champions from the agency’s roadeo event held last November, will now advance to national and international competitions, representing Capital Metro and the state of Texas.

Competing in the International Bus Roadeo, May 22 (Memphis, TN):
Arthur Murillo (Capital Metro bus champion)
Amos Underwood (state of Texas bus champion)
Jaime Ayala, Rylan Foley and Phillip O’Neal (Capital Metro maintenance champion)

Competing in the National Community Transportation Roadeo, June 5 (Indianapolis, IN):
Wally Acosta (Capital Metro paratransit champion)
Ted Ward (state of Texas paratransit champion)

The roadeo competition showcases the skills of operators and mechanics and fosters safety, professionalism and general excellence in transit operations.

Capital Metro facilitates and encourages its service providers to participate in annual roadeo competitions as one component of a comprehensive employee safety and training program.


40-Foot Bus Competition
Amos Underwood 1st Place
Tony Payton 2nd Place
35-Foot Bus Competition
Terry Allison 3rd Place
Paratransit Van Competition
Ted Ward 1st Place
Wally Acosta 2nd Place
Vehicle Maintenance
Jaime Ayala, Ryan Foley, Phillip O’Neal 3rd Place

View the online photo album of pictures from 2011 Texas State Bus Roadeo.

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