Proposed August 2011 Service Changes

Capital Metro has proposed service changes for August that would affect bus and rail riders. Beginning next week, we are hosting several public and online meetings to gain input on these potential changes.

Why change service? Well, it allows us an opportunity to adjust bus routes and schedules to best meet customer’s needs and improve efficiency of the system.

ServicePlan2020, which was approved by our board of directors just over a year ago, provides the framework for future service changes. The initial phases focus on improving route directness and connectivity. Capital Metro’s Service Guidelines and Standards are another guiding document for service planning.

Other key factors that can lead to service changes include ridership trends, passenger surveys, travel patterns, demographic data, customer feedback, and changes in land use or infrastructure.

All of this information is used to develop service change proposals that are shared with existing and potential customers and fine-tuned based on feedback.

The August 2011 proposal includes cutting underutilized routes or trips and shifting those resources to make improvements in other areas.

MetroRail ridership has been steadily increasing since January; however, the three downtown rail connector routes continue to have low ridership. Currently, less than 25% of MetroRail riders destined to Downtown transfer to a connector route. Many of those rail riders walk, bike or catch other routes. For that reason, we are proposing to eliminate Routes 460, 461 and 462.

Among the potential improvements is consolidation of the ER Enfield Rd (UT) shuttle and Route 18 Martin Luther King. This change would add Saturday service to the Enfield portion of the route. It would also improve connectivity between UT and ACC Rio Grande and establish a direct east/west path across downtown Austin. This proposed change differs slightly from the West Austin route recommendations in ServicePlan2020 because of customer feedback to keep certain services intact.

Another improvement is the proposal to realign Route 100 Airport Flyer from 7th Street to Riverside. Routing within UT and downtown would also be adjusted to improve access to hotels and minimize travel time. A limited number of stops would be added to the Riverside corridor. Weekday service would see an improvement as buses would run every 30 minutes.

We are also recommending realignment of Route 466. This change would provide a direct connection to the ACC Northridge Campus.

Click here for more information on all of the service change proposals, including details on how to provide feedback.

Thanks for riding Capital Metro. We look forward to hearing from you.

5 thoughts on “Proposed August 2011 Service Changes

  1. Mark

    I support the changes to route 466 which will add service along Metric Boulevard to ACC Northridge. Is the only new stop going to be at ACC Northridge, or will route 466 also stop along Metric Boulevard (such as at Braker/Metric or Gracy Farms/Metric)?

  2. Jim

    The commuter rail is getting too crowded. You need to add a car to the train that leaves downtown at 5:30 p.m. Or, you need to add a train that leaves downtown at 6 p.m. There’s too much of a gap between the 5:30 and 6:30 trains of the current schedule.

  3. Erik

    Moving #100 to Riverside seems a bit off. The traffic on Riverside is much worse, the road condition poor, etc. Plus 7th street’s construction will soon be finished, with both the beautification and the newly paved roads becoming a great first impression for visitors coming from/to the airport. Dumb move guys.

  4. James

    Thanks for your feedback, Erik.

    I actually rode the #100 to/from UT earlier today.

    You’re absolutely right, 7th will be a fine street upon completion.

    However, the proposal to shift #100 to Riverside has more to do with:

    – improving cost-effectiveness of the route by shifting to a dense, high ridership corridor

    – making the service more attractive by providing more frequency

    – reducing travel time for riders to/from the Riverside area by providing a limited stop option

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