Rider Profiles: Justin Kirchhoff

In honor of tonight’s extended hours on MetroRail–the last planned Friday evening service for a while–I’d like to share another MetroRail rider’s story, in his own words.  Justin Kirchhoff has been riding MetroRail since day 1, and he uses his commute to stay productive and get ahead on his workday. How do you enjoy your commute?


I’ve always liked trains.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe the fact that it takes the shortest route between any two locations or that its very efficient.  Either way, when I started riding the MetroRail this past year, I really found the convenience alarming.

With gas prices climbing to an all time high and car repair climbing almost just as high, there was only one solution for me to travel back and forth from my production studio to home.  Cap MetroRail has been my hero.  I’ve saved well over $500 in gas this past year because of the light rail.  $500!  I would have easily spent $30 or more on gas to fill up my car every week.  Now I only have to spend that once a month to ride MetroRail to and from work, even to downtown Austin.

With free WiFi enabled train cars, I could send my morning e-mails off to clients, check my daily dose of viral videos, even upload a video to my server. The convenience factor is fast, safe, and most of all smart.

It’s a short walk to Digital Shakedown’s production studio from the Crestview Station.  I actually enjoy it.  One mile of sidewalks and neighborhoods.  A non-evasive exercise that gets me outside and allows me to enjoy my day.  The train comes every hour almost on the hour.  I can get a whole 8-10 hour day in and still have the convenience of not having to drive home in traffic during Austin rush hour.

Thank you MetroRail.  This past year has been made simpler by taking one problem and creating an opportunity.

Justin Kirchhoff

2 thoughts on “Rider Profiles: Justin Kirchhoff

  1. Jeffrey Gipson

    I can say that for the stretch of rail from Lakeline to Kramer, the WIFI is very slow, mostly due to poor cell coverage in the area.

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