Rider Profiles: Hazel Beasley

One of the unanticipated, but wonderful, benefits of our efforts to participate on social media sites like Twitter (@CapMetroNews & @CapMetroRail) and Facebook (/capitalmetro) is that we’ve made some meaningful connections with riders. Hazel Beasley is one of them, and I’ve enjoyed following her updates online. She’s been riding MetroRail since day one,  and since yesterday was MetroRail’s 1st anniversary, it’s a good story to share this week. Here’s Hazel’s story, in her own words.

My name is Hazel Beasley and I am a commuter on the Cap Metro Rail (I love saying that to people.)

When I am at work and I mention that I need to catch the train, the responses are almost always the same,“You take the Cap Metro Rail? Really? That is so cool! How is it? I have always wanted to take a train to work! I wish I could make public transportation work for me.”

Well, we make it work for us and it is working better than ever! We have one car and I am a full time working mother with six children aged from 10 years to 6 months old. I have been taking the Cap Metro Rail to and from work, since returning from maternity leave. Recently, I calculated that I save $187/month by taking the rail to work! Do you know how many diapers and school lunches that is? That doesn’t even take into consideration the miles that I am not putting on the car.
So, what do I say to the people who ask me how it is riding the train to work? I tell them that it is a reliable and smooth ride. I tell them how awesome it is not sitting in gridlock traffic adding to my commute and time away from my family. What do I say to people who have always wanted to take a train to work? I tell them, they should! The new schedules offer many options. Now, I can take my kids to school and still catch a train.

When people say that they wish they could make public transportation work for them, I tell them, they can! Sometimes it takes being really creative and having flexibility, but if you really want it to work, you can.

Take it from me. Hazel Beasley, Cap Metro Rail commuter.

One thought on “Rider Profiles: Hazel Beasley

  1. Josh

    Awesome! I have completely replaced my car with the metro rail. I can avoid traffic, get to my destination faster and work on the train wifi during my commute!

    Love your story Hazel!

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