An Artistic Triumph!

Today was an amazing day for me!  After almost a year of behind-the-scenes work, we have a beautiful, colorful, accessible piece of art at one of our bus stops!

Local artist Kris Swift adopted the bus stop at Lamar and 5th, along with two others along Lamar, through our Adopt-a-Stop program, which encourages community ownership and stewardship of neighborhood bus stops. Capital Metro worked with him over several months to bring his art idea to fruition, and it makes the bus stop on that corner an eye-popping focal point amid the “cement jungle.”

Kris donated his time and materials to the project. Why did he do it? For one thing, like many artists, he thinks art should be freely-available for everyone. He referred to this particular installation as an “urban intervention.” He hopes to eventually install art at the other two bus stops he adopted.  Check out this little impromptu interview he gave while out there today.  And, while you’re at it, check out the photo gallery.

You can adopt a stop, too. It’s uber cheap to adopt a stop and show your civic pride of your neighborhood.  For a mere $35, we’ll hang a sign singing your praises right there at the bus stop. You agree to check in periodically at your stop, show it some TLC between cleanings, and to let us know right away if something needs our attention. Of course, you can get creative, and we will work with you to incorporate your ideas at the bus stop. A local school landscaped their adopted stop, for example. Another couple adopted a neighborhood stop and dedicated it to their beloved deceased dog, Boogers, and one neighborhood adopted six around their ‘hood.   You can show your bus stop some love, too, and Adopt-a-Stop today!

And, don’t forget to swing by 5th and Lamar to check out the art…

I’m so proud!

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