Update on Cedar Park Bus Service

Route 214 Northwest Flex will start serving the Austin Community College Cypress Creek campus tomorrow morning. Earlier this evening, the ACC board approved an interlocal agreement that will allow us to serve the campus.

The route already passes by the campus. With this new deal, ACC will pay Capital Metro $19,224 to cover the one year operating costs to stop at the campus since it’s outside our service area. Throughout the year we and ACC will evaluate the performance of the route so we can plan for the future.  ACC credit students and employees can use their Green Pass to ride.

You may recall that we had originally planned to have the new and improved 214 make four stops in Cedar park, including at the ACC campus, based on our Service Expansion Policy. But the Cedar Park City Council didn’t approve the agreement.

4 thoughts on “Update on Cedar Park Bus Service

  1. And of course there’s nothing stopping non-ACC-affiliated Cedar Park residents from hopping on at ACC and using the service, meaning that just like existing service, but especially the rejected deal with Cedar Park, Austin taxpayers get screwed in the interests of “regionalism”.

    1. Scott Wood

      As an Austin taxpayer, I don’t feel screwed by this (the Red Line is another story). Students shouldn’t have to drive just because this campus happens to be located in a less enlightened municipality, and it would cost more in ACC taxes to run their own independent shuttle service.

      Will some people use it for non-ACC purposes? Maybe a few that live or work in the immediate area of the stop, but so what? The buses are running anyway, it’s a few more cars off the road, and maybe it’ll get a few more Cedar Park voters interested in having transit service.

      On the off chance there are enough such people to require an additional trip or two, ACC riders (as well as existing and potential riders of the existing 214 service, however many those are) will benefit from the improved schedule choices. But really, most of Cedar Park could only use it as a park and ride, and do you really think they’ll drive here rather than Lakeline Station?

      I don’t think it’s productive to fret over small service leakage such as this. Focus on the big things that actually matter.

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