Twitter Roundup

With all the changes that we implemented this week, now’s a good time for another Twitter roundup. Here’s a sample of what we’ve heard from you this week:

Happy Customers

@JaredThomas Day 2 of riding dt-kramer @CapMetroRail was great. Walked from the Kramer station to office in the domain. Buying the 31 day pass on Mon.

@TAPoe Yay!! A large bus for the morning 985 run! No having to stand today!

@cheekysu: @CapMetroNews Your drivers are fabulous! Really! Many kudos to the personnel department. 🙂

@tarpinian on my way to work, using my laptop and drinking coffee, cool

@Phish201: The mid-day service is awesome! What’s next for @capmetrorail? Evenings and weekends?! Fingers crossed!

@JRandallScott Finally expanded midday service: more dynamic and user friendly system. Next up- extended weekend night service @CapMetroRail #welldone #atx

@allendemling PS you hire great bus drivers. They are very friendly.

@impossiblecat: Taking the new @CapMetroRail downtown this afternoon – love the new times!

@KaylaATX: Waiting for the @capmetrorail to head to school. I’m so happy about the day service!!

@beazkidz: Taking the new even earlier @capmetrorail but thank goodness I don’t have to drive in th — at Leander Metro Station

@spinuzzi: A courteous bus driver saw me sprinting and waited a few extra moments for me to get to the stop. Thanks, CapMetro.

@1OneStone: Curb service 2day. Michele’s driving the @CapMetro van. My hands r free 2 FB/Tweet coming home. Feel spoiled. #iamblessed

Complaint Department

@Hensleyd Is there a CapMetro complaint line?

@JHooker517 Not happy w/ @CapMetroNews! Bus to take me home from gym came early so I had to walk home from gym! SMH

@adamnevarez you should adjust your Rail shuttles to account for delays. Missed the train and now I’m stuck for an hour at MLK station!

@shivvy Riding the bus is always an experience. We have a screaming bus driver in a fight with a passenger. This is ridiculous. @CapMetroNews

@lctexas Not vibing with #capmetro lately. I keep missing the [] bus.

@copperdesert Low 2 no ridership on new trains pushed by Austin City Council n CapMetro who say U will be begging 4 our trains when gas is 5 & 8 $/gal

@mdahmus Capital Metro’s Red Line (@CapMetroRail) had their first (but no way the last) instance of “shuttle misses train” yesterday apparently.

@JaredThomas rode for the first time today – pretty smooth ride although the connector to the domain sat there for 15 min. Walking tom.

Observation Deck

@BArayAustinTX @CapMetroRail: Changes 2 service/fares 2day. Ms. Watson helped w/ outreach. <-leading by example; good move.

@zoecordesselbin: 5:30 nb @CapMetroRail train is full today, not enough seats there’s about 10 overflow…so, “no one rides the train”, eh, haters?

@zoecordesselbin: Excited to take my mom with me on @CapMetroRail today…show her how I live driving-free!

@JaredThomas: Quite a bit of buzz around the new all day @capmetrorail schedule. Hoping to give it a ride this week.

@Hopedoty We are taking MetroRail, etc. tomorrow to #centralaustinjelly in the Triangle 10-1 at Galaxy Cafe Cc @CapMetroRail

@JaceDeloney Riding the 5 downtown to help inform riders on the @CapMetroNews Fares & Service Changes that go into effect today. Ill be on 6th & Congress

@stefanieraya: At the Cool River Cafe for the WTS meeting featuring Capital Metro

Suggestion Box

@tarpinian ok, thanks, i’ll look into that, but if you want to make this easy, then connector buses TO the train shouldn’t need a tkt

@poofterorg @jonathanbowden @phish201 @CapMetroRail I think Showers might be a little much… But only 4 bikes per train is too little. 🙂

@jonathanbowden @CapMetroRail @Phish201 what i and a few friends hope is next for capital metro: a bike only caboose, with an expresso machine, and showers

@ediblearia Yo, @CapMetroNews, when are you going to deploy ITS onboard? Wi-fi? How about an actual, working iPhone app?

@stivers_t I’m going to miss the convenience of the disability card. How about a $360 annual pass that works from inside a wallet? @CapMetroNews

@UTStaffCouncil The Transportation Solutions committee has proposed a resolution for CapMetro to modify some current routes to campus to better serve staff.

@melloweileen: CapMetro 3-bike rack demo at the Bicycle Advisory Council. What routes should be first?

News Desk

@rhackleman Eeeekk @CapMetroRail has been taken over by people whose feet don’t quite touch the ground. Awesome field trip

@rhackleman Gonna be hoping on @CapMetroRail rail soon to see how many people are using their mid day service. Will you use their mid day service?

@saratalbert @CapMetroRail has some changes starting today! I’ll have a report on what to expect tonight on the FOX 7 News Edge at 9.

@ACNewsdesk Before You Head to the Bus Stop …Check out Cap Metro’s new fares, routes, and policy changes

Thanks, everyone. Keep the Tweets coming. And remember, if you need assistance you can also reach us the old fashioned way, especially if you’re in a hurry: call the GO Line at (512) 474-1200, or send an email. We don’t have staff dedicated solely to social media (maybe some day), so I feel bad sometimes when we don’t see the “I’m at the stop right now- where’s my bus?” Tweets right away.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Roundup

  1. Joe

    there should be a train that leaves downtown around 6 p.m. A train departs downtown at 5:30 and the next at 6:34. That’s a big gap. It means waiting an hour if you miss the 5:30.

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