Blue Santa Delivery

A MetroAccess van stuffed with Blue Santa boxes, ready for delivery to 17 families.

A group of Capital Metro employees helped Santa deliver gifts this weekend. Blue Santa, that is. Operation Blue Santa made deliveries to thousands of homes this weekend, and a Capital MetroAccess van became Santa’s sleigh for 17 deliveries.

This is the 6th year that a group of MetroAccess employees have helped bring some holiday cheer to local families by delivering food and gifts through the Blue Santa program.

Capital Metro employee and trainer Toni Jackson organizes Capital Metro volunteers each year for this event. She and others look forward to the chance to give back and help people who need it.

Capital Metro employees help Operation Blue Santa.

2 thoughts on “Blue Santa Delivery

  1. nonname

    I don not think so. Metro has no soul. It does not care in any way about people that uses the STS service. The only thing thet say is “NO TICKET NO TRIP”. Metro people is loosing humanity. Metro as company has no humanity, it only cares about the money they can get. Metro is not what they used to be.

  2. openmind

    despite how you feel they treat passengers,i think that anyway they give back is a good thing.It is a blessing for these people to sacrifice their time and effort to help families and bring a smile to these children on Christmas day.
    Kudos to Capital Metro for supporting Blue Santa and allowing these children to smile for Christmas!

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