Fear, sadness, anger and frustration. Those are just a few of the emotions I feel when I see or hear about children playing on railroad tracks. Take a look at what we saw on the security cameras at Highland Station yesterday:

This little guy had a hard time climbing back onto the platform



It is NEVER acceptable to play on railroad tracks


I won’t elaborate on why this is dangerous and illegal. But if you’re a parent, please think of your own children. Staying safe around railroad tracks is an important lesson for the whole family.

At Capital Metro we have a great community involvement team, and since long before MetroRail even started, our staffers have flooded schools up and down the rail line with rail safety materials. They’d be happy to schedule a  presentation for your school, neighborhood or organization. See our rail safety page for details.


6 thoughts on “STAY OFF THE TRACKS

    1. Adam

      Yes, indeed, it takes more than just education. Rail safety typically involves three components: engineering, education and enforcement.

      1. So what are the engineering options here?

        This reminds me of the 51st/Clarkson intersection. In neither case is education likely to reach enough possible offenders to make much difference.

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