Smooth Operators = Great Insurance Rates

A representative from the Texas Municipal League – Intergovernmental Risk Pool dropped by Capital Metro today to give us an equity return of $140,302 in part due to our efforts to reduce accidents and their associated costs. Our performance over the last year has also resulted in a lowered premium for this year.

Capital Metro Risk Manager Michael Nyren, left, and President and CEO Linda S. Watson, right, accept a $140,302 check from TML-IRP Field Services Representative Linda Dunbar Orrick.

One tool we use to reduce accidents and their associated costs is the DriveCam recording system that is onboard all of our buses and paratransit vans and sedans. The resulting recordings provide accurate eyewitness accounts of what occurred if one of our vehicles is involved in an accident. The recordings are also a great training tool to highlight excellent driving techniques among all of our professional drivers; and, to point out opportunities for improvement when drivers make mistakes behind the wheel. Here’s three examples of DriveCam recordings that show great driving skill and also the value of DriveCam in providing information to investigators after an accident. The drivers highlighted in the video are: Veolia Bus Operator Linda Ruiz and StarTran bus operators Edward Swan and Vincent Moore. I’m glad they are driving the bus!

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