Capital Metro adopts new fares effective Jan. 16, 2011

Last night the Capital Metro board adopted a new fare structure that will become effective Jan. 16, 2011 (in conjunction with the January service change).

The board made a few adjustments to the proposal presented by staff: added a Reduced Local seven-day pass at $4.50 and a Reduced Regional seven-day pass at $10; and, removed the provision that MetroAccess customers can ride free on fixed-route buses to allow staff 60 days to study the issue and to study the feasibility of an annual pass. Also, although staff had originally recommended an increase to the RideShare monthly fee, after further discussion, staff decided it would be better to leave RideShare fares as is for now. The Planning Department has been discussing a new structure entirely for RideShare fares, one based on mileage and the number of participants in the carpool/vanpool (basically creating an incentive for vanpool groups to keep a full van). Since that new structure may come to fruition within the next year, it didn’t make sense to raise RideShare fares now.

Here are the fares approved by the board:

3 thoughts on “Capital Metro adopts new fares effective Jan. 16, 2011

  1. Ihats

    Thanks for nothing Capital Metro. Again. Raise those rates on the backs of your poor and disabled riders to pay for your pointless commuter train. Brilliant idea.

    You are a pitiful example of a transportation authority. Pitiful. Your service is abominable, your drivers are less than professional and often outright rude, and your administration is populated with bumbling bureaucrats who don’t even use your service because they know it is not to be trusted.

    You are the main reason why Austin will never be a true, world class city.

  2. Kirk

    Ihats, while your comments about Cap Metro may contain some truth, I think the main reason Austin will never be a true, world class city has more to do with the local bubbas and their attitudes towards anything other than pickup trucks, guns, and the wide open west (wherever that may be around here). Cap Metro is a product of the local environment, not some alien entity dropped from the sky. City Council is just as bad, hoodwinking the populace by claiming a boardwalk is a transportation issue. Just more toys for the downtown elite, while folks in the burbs see their utility rates climb and their streets crumble.

    But back to Cap Metro; if the bus service is inefficient, what’s your solution? Limit it to frequent service for downtown only? Another slap in the face to taxpayers in the burbs. Frequent downtown service and flyer service for ‘poor and disabled’ concentrations? Again, how about the middle class struggling to stay in the middle?

    As for fares, they should be doubled. Why should Cap Metro be expected to be a social service cowtowing to a certain demographic. A bus is a bus is a bus, not a welfare cadillac.

    1. BrownAndProud

      Kirk, have you ever been on SSI? If you had it your way the fares would be $10 a ride. Maybe you should sell your cadillac and give us your money to pay for it. Your the typical white person who makes a 5 or 6 figure income? Correct. We don’t live in a feudal system. Because of people like you we have to bear more children in order to feed ourselves and our family through SNAP. We pick your vegetables while you are at your cubicle. We clean your houses and you pay us in mere pennies. We fix your roads, collect your garbage, and build your houses. I will however, have the last laugh when your trabajo is sent overseas Senor. Aidos No ignorante commentaro por favor.

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