Roadeo Results!

The smiles of champions: Employees display their trophies after placing in the 2011 Capital Metro Roadeo on Nov. 6. From left: Paul Sarle, Terry Allison, Arthur Murillo, Marcus Wright, Juan Maldonado, Pete Rivera, Tony Payton, Pamela Moore, Amos Underwood.

As Lucy mentioned, we had great weather this weekend (and some phenomenal driving) at Leander Station for the 2011 Capital Metro Roadeo.

Here’s how the results shook out:

Vehicle Maintenance

1st: Phillip O’Neal, Ryan Foley and Jaime Ayala—StarTran, Inc.

MetroAccess Van

1st:  Wally Acosta—StarTran, Inc.
2nd: George Guerra—StarTran, Inc.
3rd: Ted Ward—StarTran, Inc.
4th: Pamela Moore—StarTran, Inc.

35-Foot Bus

1st: Arthur Murillo—StarTran, Inc.
2nd: Juan Maldonado—StarTran, Inc.
3rd: Terry Allison—StarTran, Inc.
4th: Guadalupe Albarado—Veolia Transportation

40-Foot Bus

1st: Porfirio “Pete” Rivera—StarTran, Inc.
2nd: Tony Payton—StarTran, Inc.
3rd: Amos Underwood—StarTran, Inc.
4th: Marcus Wright—StarTran, Inc.

Service Island Competition, 40-Foot Bus

1st: Paul Sarle—StarTran, Inc.


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