Regional Partners: CARTS Grand Opening of Georgetown Station

Many of you may not be aware that Capital Metro works very closely with our sister agency, Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS), in a partnership to provide transit services to our region. CARTS has a service area much larger than Capital Metro’s, and their charge is to provide rural transportation in the capital area.

On Friday, October 29th, CARTS celebrated the grand opening of the Georgetown Station, and Capital Metro was there to cheer them on. You may have noticed the new station from IH-35. It has an unmistakable orange tower with a dual-blade wind propeller, because the station itself is powered by solar and wind power. The aptly named “Holland Tower” is a tribute to the late Captain Joe Lambert Holland, a champion for public transportation coordination during his tenure at TxDOT. Other cool features include electric vehicle charging  stations, an indoor waiting area equipped with WiFi and a fully-staffed ticket window, and a real-time “next bus” display.

Needless to say, the new station is state of the art, and it’s hard to miss the bright orange tower. Beginning in January, CARTS will offer service connections from Georgetown station to Capital Metro’s own Lakeline Station and Tech Ridge Park & Ride. It’s just another step towards our shared goal of creating a seamless regional transportation system for our customers.

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