25th annual Capital Metro Roadeo, this weekend

Executive Vice President Elaine Timbes measures the distance on a challenge called the Judgment Stop, at last year's roadeo.

Many of my favorite bus and van operators will compete this weekend at the Capital Metro Roadeo (check the list of competitors behind the jump. Is your favorite on the list?).  The competition allows our talented employees to strut their stuff and hone their technical and customer service skills, and allows all of us a chance to get to know one another as a Capital Metro family.

It’s the best event we do, in my opinion, and I look forward to it every year. It’s open to the public, too, so come on up to Leander Station and help me cheer our guys and gals, on Saturday morning beginning at 8 a.m. Winners are announced at 2 p.m. The competition consists of a challenge course designed to test various driving skills, like the smoothness of the ride, how well you maneuver the bus through tight turns, etc.

There’s a mechanics competition, too, which occurs at Capital Metro’s headquarters garage on Friday.

Bus Operator Tony Payton relaxes after competing in last year's 40-foot category. He's one of forty competitors this year.

Winners of the various categories will move on to a state level competition, and there’s national and international levels, too. We have two international champions in our midst, bus operators Abdel Tenouri and Arthur Murillo. Is your favorite bus or van operator competing? Wish ’em luck!

35′ Bus

Terry Allison
Samuel Martinez
Edward Moore
Don Wallace
Arthur Murillo
Gilbert Onuoha
Juan Maldonado
Corey Barnes
Guadalupe Albarado
Sandra Daughtery
Ruben Calvino
Leo Guerrero
Thomas Rittenhouse

40′ Bus

Amos Underwood
Tony Payton
Joe Rhodes
Ricardo Barrera
Marcus Wright
Porfirio Rivera
Mark Woodward
Brenda Moore
Eddie Burns
Ygnacio Loera
Joseph DeLaCruz
Timothy Atkinson
Danny Abila
Everett Moore
Paul Sarle

MetroAccess Vans

Reyes Rodriquez
Virginia Andrada
Ted Ward
Yvonne Weekly
George Guerra
Wally Acosta
Pamela Moore
Delmetria Williams
Arlene Roper
Stephen Bennett
Jesus Urias
Jacinto Melendrez Jr.


Stacy Arms
Derrick Bazier
Mark Otto
Mike Kelly
Lupe Mendoza
Phillip O’Neal
Ryan Foley
Jaime Ayala

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