ACC Green Pass Success

Austin Community College’s Green Pass program has proven to be a success. Just last month, Green Pass riders made 87,000 trips on Capital Metro buses for a total of 513,510 trips since the beginning of the year.

That success is leading to a continuation of the partnership between Capital Metro and ACC. Yesterday, our board of directors approved a new interlocal agreement with ACC that will allow their students, faculty and staff to continue riding Capital Metro services for free until the end of August 2012. The ACC board of trustees is expected to approve the agreement at their next meeting on Nov. 1.

The terms of the agreement: ACC will pay $500,000 initially to cover a 20-month term, from Jan. 1, 2011, through Aug. 31, 2011. ACC will pay Capital Metro on a “per ride” basis, up to the full $500,000 (50 cents per ride on MetroRail, MetroBus and MetroExpress; full fare for MetroAccess).

The  Green Pass program began in January of this year as a pilot project.  It is just one of ACC’s initiatives to becoming a leader in sustainability. You can learn more about the Green Pass here.

Being environmentally conscious is just as important to Capital Metro. We’re happy to be a part of local efforts to improving our air quality. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

6 thoughts on “ACC Green Pass Success

  1. Jason

    Out of curiosity, how does Capital Metro track boardings for UT and ACC students on the MetroRail? On the bus the fare boxes keep an accurate count, but it does not appear there is a mechanism to get an exact count on MetroRail. I know in Phoenix they require the ASU students to tap their cards on a orange box at each station platform before boarding; however, I believe they use smart cards instead of magnetic stripe cards.

    1. Misty

      Jason, right now we track ACC and UT ridership through random fare checks. With the new agreement, we are asking ACC riders to insert their pass (a magnetic card) into the ticket validator at the rail stations. Similar to what City of Austin employees must do with their transit pass.

  2. Celeste

    So as an ACC student, I’m curious to know if the Board signed off on the agreement Nov 1 as planned. I haven’t used the Green Pass yet, but am hopeful I can do so in January. I’m leaving my full-time position to enter the nursing program at ACC and the Green Pass will help make that transition a LOT easier by helping me save on gas and vehicle maintenance.

    1. Misty

      Celeste, the ACC trustees approved the agreement. Once you register for spring classes you can pick up a green pass at the registrar’s office. Good luck next semester!

  3. pam s

    ACC folks using the green pass have always picked up our passes at a campus’ CASHIERS’ office (not the registrar’s office). I have not heard that’s changed…you might want to check that with Andy Kim at ACC.

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