Win a 7-day MetroPlus pass today in exchange for a tweet

PRESENTING: The Twitter Contest Idea Contest

We have 20 seven-day MetroPlus passes to give away that are going to expire on Oct. 31. We thought it’d be fun to do a twitter contest. We had a couple of ideas already for contests, but some of them would take more time than we have, and some of them were not too exciting. So. we’re going to do a contest to get some contest ideas.

The SKINNY: Tweet us @capmetrorail your idea for a twitter contest we could do at some later date. The first 20 ideas tweeted today before 4 p.m. will get a free pass to ride MetroBus, MetroExpress and MetroRail next week.


1) you must follow @capmetrorail to be eligible.
2) your tweet must mention @capmetrorail in the tweet.
3) You must provide via DM your address by 4 p.m. so we can mail you a pass ASAP–no guarantees it will show up in the mail tomorrow, though–could be Monday.

One thought on “Win a 7-day MetroPlus pass today in exchange for a tweet

  1. How about a scavenger hunt on the train and you would have to take a picture and put it on Twitter. Giving clues at what to look for either on the train or along the way or at a stop. Give clues away leading up to the contest. The first (what ever number you pick) to take pictures of all and tweet them win a prize pack, free passes…..

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