Team Raging Bus update

Team Raging Bus did a great job on Saturday. We were outclassed and outnumbered. But we still went from scratched notes and a low resolution logo on a software platform that we’d never used before to a complete, functioning website in eight hours.

Team Raging Bus at the AIR-Austin Rally

We spent most of our time focused on frantically completing the site, so we spent less time testing it for accessibility with a screen reader than I would have liked. But I compared the results against my own accessibility checklist and the judge’s criteria. We did pretty well right out of the box. We avoided the most common accessibility pitfalls by knowing what not to do before we went in. Everyone knew their roles and knew what accessibility areas they had to cover as they built it. We might not win any prizes, but we made a good site that is (hopefully) useful and usable by everyone. AHA! should get good mileage out of this site.

Spencer Duran, our representative from AHA!, was there for the whole rally. He was really helpful in fleshing out the site and combing the content. I asked him to give us a quote for our blog. Here’s what he had to say:

“Participating in Knowbility’s AIR Competition created an opportunity to work with a really great team. They took time out of their days to provide their volunteer services to develop a resource that will last, while still allowing our organization’s vision to drive the process. AHA! will be able to grow the website independently as we grow as an organization.”

Thanks again to Knowbility, the host of this event, for the opportunity to absorb so much accessibility knowledge. The core purpose of this competition for all parties was raising awareness of web accessibility. The free training provided to that end as part of our registration was invaluable. I recommend the AIR competition to anyone who designs or develops for the web.

I also wanted to thank the great people at Knowbility for providing an awesome spread for breakfast and lunch and for having a therapy dog floating around the building providing fluffy, stress-reducing cuteness.

But I want to extend my greatest thanks to my teammates – Jessica McHarg, Jyothi Divi, and GVSRK Prasad – for their tireless efforts on rally day.

For now, the site is off to the judges to critique. We’ll get our results (and our report card) on Nov 4th. In the meantime, check out our work at

4 thoughts on “Team Raging Bus update

  1. This soooooooo captures what AIR and Knowbility is all about! Congrats to you all no matter how you might “officially” finish — you rock for being a part of this fantastic event, and for blogging about it as well! I so miss Austin (I’m in Portland, Oregon).

  2. Nice work – hooray for Team Raging Bus! I love that you all took such a great leap in Year 1 of your AIR competition. I wanted to be in two cities at once, but was dispatched to Houston where teams were hunkered down designing for Houston npos – yes it WAS AIR-Houston Day as well. See you at the awards and don’t forget that in the eyes of the nonprofit, they are the biggest winners. After all, they got a great web site! Thanks a million for your terrific effort!

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