Capital Metro Service from UT

UPDATE: The UT Shuttles and Rail Connector #465 have concluded service for today, and they’ll be back on their regular schedules tomorrow morning.

If you rode Capital Metro to UT today (either by bus or train), we’ve been given the OK to get you off campus and back home. Here is where you need to go to catch the bus out of UT:


FW-Far West
IF-Intramural Fields
PRC – Pickle Research Campus

FROM 23RD STREET (N. Side of the street)

WC – West Campus
LA – Lake Austin
ER – Enfield Road
RR – Red River
CR-Cameron Road
Rail Connector 465*

FROM 23rd STREET (S. Side of the street, next to the stadium)

NR – North Riverside
CP – Crossing Place
WL – Wickersham Ln
LS – Lakeshore

All regular mainline routes are returning to their regular routes with few exceptions.  We will keep service off of San Jacinto, Robert Dedman and 21st Street until further notice.

*Rail Connector 465 Riders:  Please catch the 465 at the designated stop above, and we will bus you back to your original rail station (in lieu of waiting until this afternoon to catch your train out of MLK Station). The 465 will not be in operation this afternoon.

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